[ imaginations of a future past ]


dreamt artificial soundscapes of an imagined future. download includes digital booklet.
> installation.

speculative field recordings

inspired by (but not made of) field recordings found around Kilpisjärvi, Hailuoto, Cornwall, Berlin, and Helsinki.


re-interpretations of recorded materials. commissioned by rotting sounds.


journey through Berlin KMA and lichtenberg. download includes digital booklet.

liewa cover

pako nes pertiemde

soundscape found near Kilpisjärvi, Finland (2016).

haven. a safe space?

software synth for the norns platform. two unique oscillators: one high, one low, one self-oscillating feedback loop with built-in ladder filter, smearing the pitch of the oscillators. finally, audio in.
Sound engine by LFSaw, GUI and structural help by artfwo. find it at tai-studio.org or at the norns library on lines.