Ambient Lights

by Felix Hagemann, Thomas Hermann, Risto Kõiva, Eckard Riedenklau, Patrick Mai, Stefan Wieschebrink, Oliver Lieske and Till Bovermann.
A project on developing an ambient visual display connected via serial port (or usb) to a computer. Part of the Interactive Spaces Course WS05/06 at >Neuroinformatics Group. These ambient displays are used e.g. for an ambient information service developed in the same course. Information on stock quotes and network traffic were routed through a tangible user interface and displayed on various displays such as the surrounding soundscape, the growing direction of (for now virtual) plants, or the lightscape (via these ambient lights).



The Board

Plain board

raw board raw board backside

Equipped board

board frontside board backside

The Lights

light element frontside light element backside light element side

On Work

light element backside light element backside

Part list

Number Serial number Description
1 D-SUB BU 09P D-SUB-Connector, 9 pin, PCB-monted
1 MAX 232 ACWE RS232E Interface, SOL-16
1 μA 7805 Voltageregulator, 1A positiv, TO-220
1 PIC 16F628-20P PIC-Controller, Dil-18 pin
15 BC 847C SMD CHIP-Transistor, Code:1G
2 RAD 105 10u/63V Elektrolytcapicator, 105C, RM 2,5mm
8 X7R-G1206 100n SMD-Capicator, 1206
1 20-HC49U-S quarz crystal, 20,0 MHz, first harmonic
2 NPO-G1206 22p SMD-Capicator, 1206
1 1/4W 10k SMD-Chip-Resistor, 1206
15 1/4W 5,6k SMD-Chip-Resistor, 1206
12 1/4W 68r SMD-Chip-Resistor, 1206
3 1/4W 220r SMD-Chip-Resistor, 1206
1 GS 18P IC-Socket, 18-pin, superflat, gold plated
1 2X10G 2,54 2x10 links strip, straight, RM 2,54
1 AK 2300 D-SUB kabel, 1:1, 9-links., male/female, 1,8m
1 PFL 20 Ribbon cable connector, 20 pin, female
1 AKL 057-02 2pole screw terminal, RM5,08
6 LED 5-6000 GN LED, 5mm, ultrabright, colourless, clear, green
6 LED 5-4500 RT LED, 5mm, ultrabright, colourless, clear, red
6 LED 5-3500 BL LED, 5mm, ultrabright, colourless, clear, blue
1-2 H25PR150 breadboard, 150x100mm, RM2.54
(1) 70146 USB 2.0/seriell converter, manufactor:DIGITUS
1 MW 88V-GS/6 Power Supply, unstabilised, 300mA/9V
1 AWG 28-20G Ribbon cabel AWG28, 20-pin