Calm art

ceramic tilings A cube made of ceramic tilings installed in a corner of a restroom.
The tilings are the same as they are used in the rest of the room, squared and not bigger then five by five cm. To amplify the effect of perturbation, a repetitive color pattern might be also perturbated at this point.

Things affecting the observer in an unobtrusive manner, little artworks at inconspicuous places, telling a story and spreading the observers imagination. Its creator wants to spread causes of thought, maybe an idea, maybe a reflection about the specific place, maybe something which is important to him. The observer spots this and may continues the thoughts. Calm art also requires that the creator has designed and build it with love and mindfulness.

For example we may think about an interactive sculpture, which captures various aspects of its environment, e.g. the soundscape and retracts it back into the environment by changing its output.

Most of the photographs I take try to catch and recontextualize these oddments, which otherwise might get lost in the abundance surrounding them. Photographs of these no-things metamorphose them into things by giving them attention. A photograph therefore gives these things a valid chance to be recognized by other people and might be spotted as interesting.