audiodome soundBlox >Audiodome SoundBlox
an interactive installation to tangibly mediate an understanding of sound processing technologies to children.
Spiritus Coloris Spiritus Coloris
in cooperation with René Tünnermann and Matthias Zenker
A showcase for the newly found sonobotanical plant Spiritus Coloris.
Developed for the Nacht der Klänge of >Bielefeld University, 2007.
Resonanztreppen Resonanztreppen [ger]
in cooperation with Thomas Hermann, Oliver Lieske and attendees of the JIT seminar
Installation playing with material and space of a staircase in Bielefeld University.
Developed during the JIT seminar in SS05 of >Neuroinformatics Group and performed 2005, at Nacht der Klänge, >Bielefeld University.